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17 Item(s)

What is a weight bench?

A weight bench is used for weight training with dumbbells or together with an exercise station and barbells. Whether it's in the gym or weight training at home, the weight bench is very popular and helps athletes perform the exercise correctly. The adjustable backrest allows you to train your muscles from different angles. The weight bench is the perfect training partner for intensive and comprehensive weight training at home.

In the HAMMER online shop, you can find a large selection of FINNLO by HAMMER and HAMMER weight benches at affordable prices. The Bermuda weight bench series is a good choice for beginners because they can be combined with dumbbell and barbell systems. It can also be used for butterfly and leg curls. Perfect for athletes who want more than a normal weight bench.

Weight bench training

Weight benches are perfect for strength athletes to train their muscles from different angles. By changing the training angle, different muscle groups and muscle fibres are stressed, improving muscle toning.

Several combinations of weights and different weight benches are possible. The FINNLO Power Bench can be perfectly combined with the FINNLO 10 kg iron dumbbell set for great at-home training.

Test weight benches

We let you test your preferred weight bench extensively before purchase. Visit us in one of our Hammer Factory Stores and we’ll give you specialist advice. Our service staff are always happy to offer help and advice on the phone for any questions you might have about weight benches.