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Ab trainers – for six-pack success

Ab muscle trainers help you to train your abdominal muscles easily and effectively. A flat stomach is not only desirable, but is also an important factor for overall body stability. With the back muscles, the abdominal muscles form a sort of corset that protects the spine with every movement.

Ab trainers are ideal for building your abdominal muscles. They provide the optimal movement and protect you from inappropriate stresses. There are two main kinds of ab trainer: ab rollers (an ab roller supports the rolling motion of the upper body while lying down) and leg raise devices (to imitate leg raising). Both types allow you to effectively train your straight and lateral abdominal muscles.

Why is a flat stomach important for my health?

The abdomen accumulates visceral fats (also called intra-abdominal fat), which surround the internal organs, especially your liver and the pancreas. This not only increases the size of the abdomen, but also releases fatty acids and hormones, some of which are inflammatory. As a result, the more abdominal fat accumulates, the more harmful substances enter your body. Regular training is not only healthy, but also important:

  • It burns calories
  • Reduces your body fat
  • It strengthens your spine
  • It reduces the release of harmful substances

How do I get rid of belly fat?

Training with the ab trainer is easy. Our ab roller is particularly good for beginners. The movement is back-friendly and targets your abdominal muscles. During training, make sure that your legs are bent and your feet are on the ground. Advanced athletes can also lift their heels while training and tense their buttocks. Your head should stay on the neck pad. To start the exercise, roll your upper body off the ground and tense for a moment. Then return to the starting position in a controlled manner. Beginners should perform 1–3 sets per exercise. To improve you can later increase the number to 3–5 sets. Each set should include 15–20 repetitions.

For more intensive abdominal training and even more exercise variations, we recommend our Ab-Trax ab trainer. With the Ab-Trax, you train all your entire abdominal muscles in one movement. Just kneel on the seat cushion and hold on to the handles. Move your knees to your chin and tense for a moment. The combination of crunching and knee-raising makes this exercise very intense and trains all your abdominal muscles. The Ab-Trax can be further enhanced with additional weights, to train your abdomen even more effectively.

Abdominal muscles can be trained even on a very small footprint. With our ab muscle trainer, you train on your knees and move your upper body back and forth. This effectively works out your muscles to reach the perfect level of stimulation.

What should I look out for when abdominal training?

To train your abs effectively, remember the following:

  • Perform the exercises slowly
  • Keep your body tense
  • Don’t forget to breathe
  • Don’t tense your neck

It is important to perform your abdominal exercises regularly – preferably 3 to 4 times a week.

A beautiful flat stomach is the result of proper training and a healthy diet. It’s not just about ‘how much’ one eats, but also ‘what’. Avoid sugar, fast food, chips and foods with simple carbohydrates and fat. Vegetables, tofu, fish and eggs help you to keep your blood sugar levels stable and make you feel full for a long time.

How do I get a six pack?

It is THE mark of a beach body: the six pack. Many people target defined abdominal muscles. Six pack training is hard work. It’s not possible without regular training. But it’s worth it! Good abdominal training works the entire abdomen. Our fitness experts have put together effective exercises for you with and without equipment. In our special ab workout, we present the ‘Time Under Tension (TUT)’ training method, which helps you reach your goal even faster.

Test ab trainers

Still not sure? Then come to one of our HAMMER Stores and test the ab trainers here. We are also happy to offer any advice around ab trainers, abdominal training and six-packs over the phone.

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