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Punching bag – popular training equipment

In recent years, boxing has become a popular sport. Boxing training is perfect for improving speed, power and endurance. On a punching bag available from the HAMMER SPORT online shop, you can train different types of punches and combinations of kicks.

Various punching bag types

Punching bags are available in different shapes and sizes and stand in for a training partner at home. Punching bags under one meter in length are suitable for children, depending on the size and training aims, punching bags can also be 180 cm long. The weight depends on the length and filling of the punching bag. Punching bags from HAMMER BOXING are filled with scrap textiles. The outer skin can be made of leather, synthetic leather or nylon, which is very durable. Punching bags are attached to the ceiling or a cantilever arm with a swivel chain.

Training on the punching bag

In addition to the professional punching bags, there are also various training bags in the HAMMER SPORT online shop. They are shorter and slightly lighter, and the surface material is nylon or canvas. Training bags are particularly suitable for boxing training at home.

The HAMMER BOXING Sparring punching bag has numbered hit areas to make training more exciting. Various punch combinations can be requested and performed. This trains both reaction time and accuracy.