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Small powerhouses for your muscle training

Dumbbells are great for effective and targeted muscle training. keep reading


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What are dumbbells?

The dumbbell is one of the best known and most effective pieces of fitness equipment. Dumbbells are very popular because they can be used to effectively train virtually all muscle groups in a targeted manner. In addition, dumbbells are very practical and can be quickly stowed under the sofa or bed after training. If you’re looking for versatility in your weight training, dumbbells are a must.

In the HAMMER SPORT online shop you will find a large selection of different dumbbells. Whether you’re after a single dumbbell bar or a dumbbell set with different weights (weight plates made of cast iron), there is something for everyone. A special dumbbell set is the unique Men's Health POWERTOOLS X-Tech dumbbells. The dumbbells cannot roll due to the delta-shaped weight plates and can even be used for dip and press-up variations.

How do I train with dumbbells?

Training with dumbbells promotes body stability and tests your coordination. Your core acts as an anchor during weight training with free weights and must do a lot of support work. One of the most popular dumbbell exercises is the hammer curl. Take a stable stance. The arms with the dumbbells should be slightly in front of the body, with the palms facing forward. Now guide the dumbbells to your shoulder by bending your elbows. Hold briefly and then lower your arms again. This dumbbell workout actively trains the biceps muscles.

Where can I test dumbbells?

Still need some advice or want to test the dumbbells before you buy a set? Then visit us in one of our Hammer Stores and let us advise you about dumbbells. The competent online team from HAMMER.de are also available by phone and can advise you on dumbbells and weight training.

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