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Boxing protective equipment – for safe sparring sessions

Boxing keeps you fit and trains your muscles and stamina. Training on a punching bag or with a sparring partner can be incredibly tiring. To avoid injury, correct protective equipment is vital. From boxing hand wraps and headgear to jock straps – our boxing shop has all the right equipment.

What are boxing hand wraps?

Boxing hand wraps cushion and stabilise wrists and fingers. They protect you from sprains, bruises and strains resulting from hard punches.

Do I need a head guard for boxing?

Head guards prevents injuries, so they are very important. Our models are made of shock absorbent foam padding with high strength and impact resistance. They are individually adjustable with a Velcro closure at the back of the head and can be opened and closed even with gloves on.

Why do I need shin guards?

Shin guards provide optimal support. The incorporated foam padding protects against bruises and injuries even with hard kicks. The shin guard can be perfectly fitted and adjusted with a hook-and-loop closure. The inner material is sweat-absorbent and guarantees optimal wearing comfort.

Does a jock strap make sense for boxing?

A jock strap with pantal cup protects those bits that need protecting! The cup can be easily removed from the jock strap. The jock strap is made of elastic cotton and can be washed in the washing machine.

How do I protect my teeth when boxing?

Protection for teeth and jaws is a must when boxing. Mouldable teeth protection fits perfectly to your teeth position, so it’s suitable for people of any age. Once it has been moulded, it can be reused.

How do I fix my punching bag to the ceiling?

With our ceiling hooks you can safely hang any punching bag. The ceiling hook is made of solid steel and has a special hanging loop. This prevents the punching bag from sliding out of the guide.

How do I fix my punching bag to the wall?

If you can’t hang your punching bag to the ceiling, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy boxing. Our wall mount is the perfect alternative. It is made of a sturdy square steel tube and the extra long cantilever arm allows plenty of swinging space.

What are punch mitts?

Punch mitts or punching mitts are punching pads that help you in your training. They are not only used in boxing, but also in many other martial arts such as kickboxing and muay thai. As these martial arts are not just about punches, but also involve kicks, the pads differ in design. We have punch mitts and Thai mitts in different shapes and sizes.

Why do boxers train with a skipping rope?

Boxing doesn’t just need fast fists, you need quick feet too. Skipping is a classic boxing warm-up. It improves both your speed strength and bounce.