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Small Fitness Devices

Foam rollers, tubes or gymnastics resistance bands are practical little fitness devices. These hand-held devices are no longer just used to train the abs, legs an buttocks. Why not roll out your gymnastics mat in the living room and get going with your body toning workout right there in your own home. Get your favourite exercises done in the evening in front of the television.

Once your workout is finished, these small fitness devices are quick and easy to store away. Store them in a drawer or a cupboard, so your training equipment is easily accessible for your next workout. Lovers of the outdoors can take their hand-held devices out with them to workout in their garden or a public park.

What are small fitness devices?

Small fitness devices are the perfect equipment for fitness training at home or out in the open. The small hand-held devices are mainly known from classic gym courses like aerobics, or from abdominal, leg and buttocks workouts. The often very lightweight, handy devices are easy to use and therefore perfect for almost anyone. These include, for example:

  • Resistance Bands and Fitness Tubes
  • Gymnastics Balls
  • Balance Pads
  • Fascia Roller
  • Push-Up Grips
  • And so on.

The term "Functional Training" is used often these days. It describes the act of training using your own body weight. There are a number of small fitness devices to help you do just that, including the push-up grips. You can do plenty of different exercises and work out and train your various muscle groups.

When should I train with small fitness devices?

The large selection for small fitness devices guarantees the right piece of equipment for any type of training. From beginners to pros, young and old alike – we have the right workout equipment for any training goal. In addition to this, there is an unending variety. In other words: not only experienced athletes, but also beginners can work out using the same workout devices and find the right exercises for them.

The gymnastics mat can be used in the most varied ways. Beginners can start with basic exercises like crunches, whereas more advanced users start with more complex movements. And the best thing about it? Everyone can increase the difficulty level at their own pace. That may mean more repetitions or more complex movements – there are plenty of ways to increase the difficulty level.

Fitness Mat

The Ab Muscle Trainer is one of the more advanced workout devices. It can, however, be easily varied. Beginners rest on their knees and roll as far forward as possible with the abdominal trainer. More advanced users roll deeper with it or can even lift their knees off the floor. If that is not enough for you, then increase the repetitions or hold the position for a longer time. The possibilities are endless.

Ab Muscle Trainer

What can training with small fitness devices do for me?

The biggest difference between body toning using small fitness devices compared to the same done using mechanical fitness devices is: There are always several muscle groups being activated at once. Workouts using mechanical devices support the body to isolate and workout individual muscles. This is the perfect way to reach training goals involving muscle building. When doing bench presses for example, your back is supported by the backrest.

Free exercises, on the other hand, always require several muscle groups to work together. The push-up exercises for example, not only work out your chest. The abdominals, shoulders and even leg muscles are required to help keep the body sturdy. This means that every exercise done using small devices require a certain amount of basic tension in the body.

Above all, this improves sensory motor skills, like coordination and balance. When several muscle groups need to work together, a 30-60 minute workout is more than enough to burn a large amount of calories. Even so, the exchange between your nerves and muscles plays an important role in improving your coordination. An efficient functioning muscle and nervous system is a basic prerequisite for the effective functioning of the mobility system.

The constant tension required for doing exercises with small fitness devices also helps you maintain an optimised body feeling. The motions and reactions of the body are consistently improved.

Workouts using small fitness devices combine strength and endurance and additionally strengthen the joints. This has to do with the fact that most of the exercises are multi-jointed. This means that not only the knee joints, but also your foot and hip joints are worked during your exercises. If you maintain the selected intensity of your exercises over a specific length of time, then your strength as well as stamina will improve.

Whatever you want to do, be it lose weight or improve your general fitness – working out with small fitness devices helps you reach your fitness goals. Everyone can go at their own pace and at their selected intensity. Enough variety to never get bored with your workout.

Overview of small fitness devices

Which small fitness device is right for me?

It is very important to know your own training goals and fitness level. Anyone, who would like to start with small devices is recommended to use the following equipment:

The large selection does tend to bring up some questions. You are always welcome to pop into our HAMMER STORES across Germany and in Switzerland. Our fitness experts can help you choose the right equipment right there and then. That way you can try out and test all of the fitness devices in store. Our specialist team will take the time to help you with what you need in a friendly environment.

HAMMER expert advice (043 - 544 21 69)

Our service team is made up of state-approved fitness trainers and experienced product consultants. Here at HAMMER, we live for fitness and know what we are talking about. Fitness, training and nutrition – we know what we are doing and are happy to take the time to help you. Of course this also still applies after you have bought your home trainers. We look forward to your call (043 - 544 21 69). Come one step closer to your fitness goals starting today – your body will thank you and repay you with a higher quality of life.

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