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What are small fitness devices?

Small fitness devices are the perfect equipment for training at home or out in the open. The small hand-held devices are mainly known from classic gym courses like aerobics, or from legs, abs and buttocks workouts. The often very lightweight, handy devices are easy to use, so they’re perfect for almost anyone. These days, they are often associated with the term ‘Functional Training’. During Functional Training exercises, several muscle groups are trained simultaneously.

Resistance bands & tubes

Resistance bands and tubes are wonderful for workouts that are gentle on the joints. They allow you to effectively train your entire body anytime, anywhere. The elastic bands can be rolled up easily and are particularly easy to clean. The material is tear-resistant, extremely elastic and skin-friendly.

With gymnastic bands you train:

  • Biceps
  • Shoulders
  • Leg muscles
  • Chest muscles
  • Back muscles

Our resistance bands and tubes are available in three colours and strengths. This ensures that everyone can find the right training level for their own individual workouts. Beginners start with a stretchier band, more advanced users use the ones with more resistance.

Our tubes are each fitted with two handles. This ensures the best possible grip. The elasticity of the tubes is somewhat lower than the resistance bands and therefore the basic resistance is slightly higher. The resistance bands can be wrapped around your hands if you wish to increase the resistance.

Exercise balls

The exercise ball is versatile to use. As a sitting ball, the way most people know them, for prevention and above all fitness training. Even just sitting on the exercise ball promotes a straighter posture and increases your general balance. They have replaced many desk chairs in offices. When it comes to fitness, they also provide a versatile balance, strength and coordination workout.

Working out with the exercise ball strengthens each of these micro muscle groups in the body that keep us sturdy and upright. Even when just sitting down the little helpers have to fight against the uneven surface. If you just lift a leg or shut your eyes, that already makes for a highly effective workout.

The right size of ball depends on your body size. For people up to 155 cm, our yellow exercise ball is best. People between 155 cm and 175 cm should choose our grey ball and those over 175 cm our black ball. All our exercise balls are made of high-quality PVC and are available with an anti-burst feature up to a maximum load of 120 kg.

Balance pads

Our HAMMER balance pad is a 46 x 38 x 5.5 cm foam matt, which can be used to strengthen coordination and concentration. You can effectively and comfortably train your balance as well as your coordination on the super soft foam.

When doing balance workouts, the deep muscle tissue is targeted. These muscles are very important to keep your body in a stable position. These include, for example all of the muscles that keep joints in place. If the surface you are sitting on becomes a bit wobbly, e.g. using the balance pad, then your muscles need to work harder.

Balancing is a dynamic process that is necessary no matter what we are doing. Be it every day at work, when walking or working out – the body always needs to balance itself. The easier this comes to you, the easier you will find everyday life.

Foam rollers

With a foam roller, you can:

  • promote circulation in your muscles
  • release tension
  • massage your muscles
  • mobilise your connective tissue structures

By moving your body over the roller, the fascial adhesions are loosened. Simple exercises are enough to feel better after your workout. You become noticeably more flexible and the muscles more relaxed. Circulation is increased and your posture is significantly improved.

Push-up grips

The push-up grips can be placed at any desired width and will work out the different muscle fibres in the chest and shoulders. Your chest, shoulders and arms are given an intense and varied workout, whilst your intramuscular coordination is additionally strengthened. Our HAMMER push-up grips can be rotated 360° for countless grip positions.

Core wheels

Core wheels – makes classic press-ups more demanding and much more effective. Shoulders and arms must stay in position during the exercise, resulting in a more effective workout where the muscles are more heavily loaded.

Weight cuffs

Weight cuffs – perfect for intensifying cardio training. They can be easily attached to the wrists or ankles with a Velcro closure and are suitable for any cardio training.

Hand grippers

Hand grippers – strengthen your hand and forearm muscles and create more grip during pulling exercises. Hand grippers are also perfectly suited for effective muscle building during rehabilitation and sports therapy. Our HAMMER hand gripper has a non-slip grip and the training resistance can be adjusted from 10–40 kg.

Gym mats

A gym mat can be used in the most varied ways. Beginners can start with basic exercises like crunches, whereas more advanced users start with more complex movements. And the best thing about it? Everyone can increase the difficulty level at their own pace. That may mean more repetitions or more complex movements – there are plenty of ways to increase the difficulty level.

Our Alaya yoga mat is made of environmentally friendly material and is skin-friendly, suitable for allergy sufferers and recyclable. Its comfortable thickness (approx. 1.5 cm) and particularly dense cell structure make our HAMMER gym mat perfect for physiotherapy exercises. It gently cushions and reliably protects the joints from the hard floor.

Ab muscle trainers

Our ab muscle trainer is one of the more advanced workout devices. It can, however, be easily varied. Beginners rest on their knees and roll as far forward as possible with the ab muscle trainer. More advanced users roll deeper with it or can even lift their knees off the floor. If that is not enough for you, then increase the repetitions or hold the position for a longer time.

Who should train with small fitness devices?

From beginners to pros, young and old alike – we have the right workout equipment for any training goal. Both experienced athletes and beginners can find the right exercise with the same fitness equipment.

It’s important to stretch properly before and after training. Stretching helps you to prepare your muscles for the stresses that are coming. Short and dynamic stretching is recommended.

What can training with small fitness devices do for me?

  • Works several muscles at the same time
  • Trains coordination and balance
  • Combines strength and endurance

The biggest difference between training using small fitness devices compared to fitness machines is: There are always several muscle groups being activated at once. Workouts using machines support the body to isolate and workout individual muscles.

Free exercises always require the interaction of several muscles. The press-up exercises for example, not only work out your chest. The abdominals, shoulders and even leg muscles are required to help keep the body sturdy. Above all, this improves your sensorimotor skills, like coordination and balance. When several muscle groups need to work together, a 30–60 minute workout is more than enough to burn a large amount of calories.

Workouts using small fitness devices combine strength and endurance and additionally strengthen the joints. This has to do with the fact that most of the exercises are multi-jointed. This means that not only the knee joints, but also your foot and hip joints are worked during your exercises. If you maintain the selected intensity of your exercises over a specific length of time, then your strength as well as stamina will improve.

Our fitness experts can help you choose the right equipment right there and then.

HAMMER expert advice (+49 (0)731 974 88 518)

Our service team is made up of state-approved fitness trainers and experienced product consultants. Here at HAMMER, we live for fitness and know what we are talking about. Fitness, training and nutrition – we know what we are doing and are happy to take the time to help you.