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Accessories are incredibly important for weight training. Be it in the gym or during strength training in your own home – accessories make weight training more effective and comprehensive. Individual muscle groups can be addressed more specifically with special handles or other accessories. In the HAMMER SPORT online shop you will find a large selection of accessories for weight training.

An important training accessory for weight training is workout gloves such as the HAMMER fitness gloves. These provide optimal support when weight training on training units or with dumbbells and barbells. The padding protects your palms against unsightly calluses and abrasions while exercising.

Different handles are also an important accessory for weight training. For example, when back pull training with the FINNLO parallel pull handle, the narrow grip position gives you a more defined back.

Training with accessories

Using accessories can make your weight training more effective and varied. The FINNLO triceps rope for example is a popular tool for arm extensions. You can easily attach the triceps rope to the top hook of a multi-gym (such as the FINNLO Autark 600 multi-gym). Then take the triceps rope in both hands and stretch your arms slowly downwards. In the final phase of the movement, you guide the arms slightly outward. Then move back up in a controlled manner. This exercise challenges the coordination more than training with a conventional triceps bar.

Test accessories

If you want to see the different accessories in person, visit us in our HAMMER Store. We offer a variety of different accessories for your weight training at home. Just drop by and have a go!