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Boxing gloves – important training partners

Every boxer needs boxing gloves. They protect against injuries to knuckles and wrists and are therefore the most important tool when boxing and training. Good boxing gloves also slightly mitigate the risk that knuckles hitting the face cause lacerations, or ‘cuts’.

Types and designs of boxing gloves

The HAMMER SPORT online shop offers various kinds of boxing gloves. We offer high-quality boxing gloves, which are used by professionals such as Rola El-Halabi, e. g. the Premium Fight boxing gloves and other training gloves, and workout gloves, boxing gloves for working on a punching bag or pads, or for training with the speed bag. The HAMMER BOXING Premium Training boxing gloves e.g. are best suited for training at home and practising moves.

You can also find fingerless boxing gloves made of premium goat leather in the HAMMER SPORT range, which are used in Asian martial arts. They are usually lighter and equipped with an elastic band.

Punching bag boxing gloves

Punching bag boxing gloves are specially designed for training on a punching bag. They are considerably lighter than normal boxing gloves and allow you to practise dynamic moves. In addition, they protect your hands and wrists from injuries, so they are important for any boxing training.

The punching bag doesn’t just train your perfect punch, but also your muscle strength, stamina and speed. The punching bag is generally used for three kinds of training:

  • Improving punching technique
  • Improving speed strength
  • Aerobic training for improving stamina

MMA gloves

MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) is a versatile all-in-one sport in which fighters use boxing, muay thai and taekwondo punching and kicking techniques. It also uses elements of ground fighting and ring technique. The now very popular martial arts is characterised by its limited rules. The aim is to force your opponent to give up or win through a knock-out.

MMA gloves (or free fight gloves) are characterised by the following features:

  • Open finger gloves
  • Padding on the ball and back of the hand
  • Perfect fit and extra reinforced seams
  • Full freedom of movement

MMA gloves are therefore perfect for practising hitting and training holding and gripping techniques.

Wrist protection is very important in boxing gloves

In high-quality HAMMER BOXING boxing gloves, the wrist is protected with a full-wrap wrist guard. There is an important reason for this: with each punch, strong forces act on the wrists and can lead to injuries. The stronger material provides additional stabilisation to the wrist and ensures a better punching power.

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