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32 Item(s)

Dumbbells, barbells and weights

A dumbbell or barbell is a training device that consists of a bar with weights attached to its ends. The length of the bar defines the difference between dumbbells and barbells. Depending on your training level, the weights can be adjusted.

Who are dumbbells and barbells suitable for?

Dumbbells and barbells are suitable for any athlete who wants to build or define muscles. A variety of weights mean that both beginners as well as professionals can train with dumbbells and barbells. Dumbbells, barbells and weights are an indispensable part of weight training. Whether it's in the gym or weight training at home – everyone knows what to do with a dumbbell. The small but effective fitness device takes up little space and can be stowed away quickly after weight training. With dumbbells, barbells and weights, it’s easy to target a specific muscle group. With just a few exercises, you can intensively train your biceps, triceps, chest and back.

Where can I buy dumbbells, barbells and weights?

Dumbbells, barbells and weights can be bought from our HAMMER SPORT online shop or in one of our stores near you. We offer a wide selection of dumbbells, barbells and weights for both beginners and professionals. You can not only buy a complete dumbbell, barbell and weight set, but also put together individual dumbbells or barbells as you desire.

What kinds of dumbbells and barbells are there?

There are the following kinds of dumbbells and barbells: Innovative and extremely variable dumbbells and barbells from the Men's Health POWERTOOLS label can be found in our online shop. The FINNLO 10 kg dumbbell set in chrome is particularly popular. The dumbbell is equipped with 10 kg weights and is a perfect introduction to the sport.

How is training with dumbbells and barbells different from training with a multi-gym?

Training with dumbbells and weights is different from training with a multi-gym because of the coordination required. Training with dumbbells and weights demands more coordination that weight training on a guided system such as a multi-gym, but it is extremely effective. Training with dumbbells and weights works many accessory muscles and trains the whole body. Training promotes coordination and allows many variations.

What muscles can you train with dumbbells and barbells?

With dumbbells, barbells and weights, you can particularly train the upper body and arms. In principle, however, any exercises can be made more difficult with the use of dumbbells, barbells and weights. Even muscles in the legs can be worked, by squatting with additional weights for example. Performing arm curls with the FINNLO adjustable barbell works different parts of the biceps depending on the hold. A narrow grip strengthens the outside of the biceps, a wide grip trains the inside of the biceps. Dumbbells, barbells and weights can target individual muscle strands to tone the entire muscle. Any exercise for strong arms can easily be done at home with dumbbells and barbells.

Where can I test dumbbells, barbells and weights?

You can test dumbbells, barbells and weights in our HAMMER Stores. How do I hold the dumbbell/barbell, what kind of weight do you prefer? Whatever questions you have about dumbbells, barbells and weights, our competent sales team are happy to help. Of course, we’re also happy to help over the phone.