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HAMMER SPORT AG has over 100 years of experience in the manufacture and distribution of sports goods. It all started with the production of wooden tennis rackets and skis.

After the Second World War, the manufacturer was called "Erbacher". This was the leading German ski manufacturer at the time and came up with many important innovations: for example, the company was the first in the world, after Howard Head, to produce skis made of metal. When Heidi Biebl won the Olympic gold medal in downhill skiing in Squaw Valley (USA) in 1960, she was awarded an "Erbacher Grand Prix".

in 1989, the company began developing training equipment and was launched on the market under the name HAMMER SPORT. HAMMER SPORT AG is one of Germany's leading suppliers of fitness equipment for the home. In 1996, the range was expanded with the HAMMER series for boxing and with martial arts equipment.

in 2005 the premium brand FINNLO was introduced on the market. Today FINNLO is THE most innovative brand for fitness in Europe. FINNLO's high standards of quality and design are in other words the main reason for its success.

The success story that has accompanied the fitness equipment from HAMMER and FINNLO rests mainly on the development of quality products with innovative and partly patented product features - it is a matter of living up to the needs and high demands of the global market.

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