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Fitness at home.Directly from the manufacturer.

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Workout goal: back training

Idela prevention and quick improvement of back pains

More than 80% of all Germans have come complained about back pains at least once in their life. We move too little and do too many things while seated. Working at the computer for hours results in extreme back tension. Over the years, we have turned our original upright and healthy posture into a tensed, bent posture. Slipped discs, muscle tenseness and age-related wear and tear cause big problems for many people and have a negative impact on the quality of life. Untrained back and ab muscles make the situation even worse. Consistent strengthening of the back muscles is the perfect way to give the cold shoulder to back pains even in your old days.

Back training at home - your personal "back school"

Well-developed back muscles are important if you want to stabilize your spine and avoid poor posture. The must flexible and targeted way to work these muscle groups is with a back trainer. Targeted back training at home gives you greater flexibility. You can work out whenever you want, giving yourself the best conditions for very effective and short workout sessions. 10 minutes in the morning, 10 minutes in the evening. That is the best way to train your back. The ideal way to prevent back pains and improve existing back pains.

Spoil your back: Daily workouts with quick consequences

A targeted back workout ensures a strong body and is the best insurance against back pain. Whether you already have back pains or just want to prevent them, targeted and consistent back workouts with a back trainer or a multi-station in your own home works miracles and builds up muscle in a healthy way. Daily workouts, preferably shorter but more frequent sessions, result in a very healthy and strong back. You work all of the muscles relevant to the back, meaning the deep, stabilizing layer of your torso, the so-called core muscles.

Back training - the best medicine and perfect prevention

Over the long-term, general movement and targeted back training is the best medicine for and prevention against back pains. A flexible and muscular body can better compensate for tension than a weak, untrained body. A strong and trained back also improves your ability to move in unaccustomed ways or to lift unaccustomed weights, such as carrying beverage crates or large packages.

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