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Exercise station – barbell stand

To make the most of barbells, you need a suitable exercise station or robust barbell stand as well as flat, incline or multi-functional bench. A barbell rack helps with bench presses, incline bench presses and shoulder presses, as the removal and replacing of the barbell is made easier and you do not have to pick up the barbell from the floor. A barbell rack is also useful for exercises such as squats from a standing position with the barbell.

Why should you have an exercise station / barbell stand?

Anyone who has ever been in a gym knows about the stable and practical barbell stands. At the very least, if you’re wanting to bench press you can’t go without a barbell rack. Here’s why you should consider an exercise station in your home:

1. Training with barbells – effective whole body workout

Training with barbells is a kind of free weight training and is extremely varied. They can be used for simple as well as complex multi-joint exercises for all kinds of muscles and muscle groups. Barbell training is good for very intensive exercise sessions and an increase in strength and strength endurance – in addition to targeted improvement of maximum strength. The muscle groups involved have to cooperate efficiently in the varied exercises, so that coordination and the stabilising torso muscles are also trained, while stationary machines usually target one specific muscle group. In contrast to isolated muscle building, barbell training can be used for comprehensive and varied full-body workout.

2. Home exercise station – the practical barbell rack

If you own a barbell, you usually have a flat or incline bench to make the most out of your barbell training. A suitable barbell stand does not take up much space and provides the perfect place to store your barbell bars. The barbell rack protects the floor as the barbell and weight discs do not have to rest directly on the floor. It is also very helpful during exercises such as bench presses or when performing squats.

3. Optimal use of exercise variety

A barbell stand and a flat bench or incline bench are vital for making the most of your barbells. There’s little better than bench presses on flat or incline benches to train the chest muscles. The stand means that you don’t have to pick the weighted barbell up from the ground every time. The barbell can be taken and put back all while lying on your back. To squat with a barbell, put the barbell slightly higher on the rack and start the exercise from there to train the thighs and back in a back-friendly way.

What should you look for when buying an exercise station / barbell stand?

  • Stability
  • Material
  • Maximum permissible weight
  • Diameter of holding bar
  • Adjustment options

Experienced athletes and professionals sometimes train with very heavy weights, so the stability and robustness of the barbell rack are important purchase criteria and also play an essential role in fitness training safety. But even if you are a beginner and still train with relatively light weights, you should invest in a high-quality barbell rack right from the start, especially when training large muscles, as with bench presses and squats, you will quickly build strength and muscle and soon want to train with higher weights.

The material of the barbell rack must be robust and durable. This applies to the closures and quick-fasteners as well as the basic frame, to make sure you have a barbell stand you can use for years. Welding seams, screws and paint should be flawless.

Another aspect to consider is the maximum permitted weight, defining the weight that can be safely applied to the exercise station. All the exercise stations available from our online shop can hold large weights. Even our entry-level FINNLO version can easily bear up to 200 kg. A barbell stand should also be adjustable in height and width to allow for a variety of exercises. There are two basic adjustment options. The first type allows you to adjust the side bars and shelves with locking pins. The second features power racks with pre-set heights.

In addition to the maximum permissible weight, the diameter of the holding bar should also be considered. In addition to classic adjustable dumbbell and barbell bars with a 30 mm diameter, our barbell stands can also easily hold bars of Olympic dimensions (diameter of 50 mm).

Test exercise stations in our Hammer Stores

If you’re still not sure which barbell rack you want, then test our exercise stations in one of our HAMMER Stores! We have assembled some models for you to allow you to try out the barbells yourself and look forward to your visit. Alongside barbell racks, the whole range of the HAMMER fitness world awaits. Our fitness experts are looking forward to seeing you and are keeping the weights warm. You can also order our exercise stations in Dortmund and Stuttgart.

HAMMER experts hotline: 043 - 544 21 69

If you want to talk to our experts directly, simply pick up the phone and call our expert hotline! At HAMMER SPORT, we love fitness and weight training and are happy to answer any questions related to fitness training and your training goals. Learn about barbell racks and barbell training in a simple way. Of course, we’re also there for you after your purchase and happy to help with any queries you might have.