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Professional training equipment for endurance or strength training at home. With this fitness equipment, you are perfectly equipped for fitness training in the home gym. Here you will also find optimal small fitness equipment and the right accessories for your functional training. From ab trainers, pull-up bars and weight stations to treadmills, rowing machines and exercise bikes: discover your training equipment for endurance, muscle building, abdominals, legs and buttocks.

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    Core 2.0 barbell rack
    Special Price CHF249.00 Regular Price CHF329.00
    Currently sold out
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    Cross Jump
  3. Product Image
    Core 4.0 barbell rack
    Special Price CHF499.00 Regular Price CHF899.00
  4. Product Image
    Special Price CHF249.00 Regular Price CHF349.00
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    10 kg Dumbbell Set, Iron (Ø 30 mm)
    Special Price CHF49.90 Regular Price CHF69.00
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    Premium Fight
    As low as CHF99.00
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    Hand Muscle Trainer
    Special Price CHF12.90 Regular Price CHF24.90
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    Incline Bench
    Special Price CHF249.00 Regular Price CHF449.00
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    Ab&Back Trainer
    Special Price CHF249.00 Regular Price CHF379.00
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    Barbell Rack
    Special Price CHF299.00 Regular Price CHF449.00
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    kinomap image
    Crossfly BT
    Special Price CHF599.00 Regular Price CHF899.00
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    Special Price CHF59.90 Regular Price CHF89.00
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    kinomap image
    CleverFold EF90 BT
    Special Price CHF999.00 Regular Price CHF1,399.00
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    Special Price CHF1,799.00 Regular Price CHF2,499.00
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    Bio Force Extreme
    Special Price CHF1,199.00 Regular Price CHF1,649.00
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    40 kg Short Barbell Set, Iron (Ø 30 mm)
    Special Price CHF189.90 Regular Price CHF249.00
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    Premium Cowhide Professional
    As low as CHF349.00
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    Cardio T3
    Special Price CHF399.00 Regular Price CHF499.00
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    Loxon XTR BT
    Special Price CHF1,299.00 Regular Price CHF1,599.00
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    kinomap image
    HAMMER Cross-Motion BT
    Currently sold out
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    kinomap image zwift image
    Special Price CHF2,199.00 Regular Price CHF2,999.00
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    EL 8000
  26. Product Image
  27. Product Image
  28. Product Image
    Premium White Kick
    Currently sold out
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    Double hand claw (PAAR) curved short
    Special Price CHF49.90 Regular Price CHF89.00
  30. Product Image
    AB-Roller Abdominal Trainer
    Special Price CHF39.90 Regular Price CHF69.00
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    Excersice Station Set
    Special Price CHF499.00 Regular Price CHF799.00
  32. Product Image
    Special Price CHF499.00 Regular Price CHF799.00
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Where can I find the right equipment for my workout at home?

Do you want to save yourself a trip to the gym and train in your own home instead? In addition to a good dose of motivation, the right equipment for fitness training at home is also crucial. In our shop you will find everything you need for your next workout - whether for endurance training or muscle building. From exercise bikes, weight stations and treadmills to punching bags. You will not only benefit from our extremely favourable shipping conditions, but also from the competence of our professional team of advisors: our experts will be happy to advise you on all aspects of fitness and healthy training: Fitness and healthy training.

As a traditional company, we have been involved in the production and further development of sports articles for over 100 years. Performance, quality, service and price are always in the foreground for us.

How do I train properly?

Arms, legs, abdomen or back? Fitness training or endurance? If you have your goal clearly in mind, it's easier to reach it. Our products support you precisely in achieving the training goals you have set for yourself. Do you want to lose weight? improve your general fitness? tone your body? improve your fitness or build up muscles to prevent back pain, for example? In our "Fitness Knowledge" section you will find exciting articles that will help you achieve your goals in the best possible way.

All our fitness products are equally suitable for women and men. Whether cross trainer, ergometer, rowing machine or speed bike, our sports equipment is specially made for your home and therefore:

  • uncomplicated
  • compact
  • easy to move
  • easy to store
  • versatile

In addition to our large training stations, you will find everything you need for an effective workout in a small space in our small fitness equipment shop. With our ab trainers, fitness tubes and weight cuffs, you can also do challenging and effective full-body workouts at home.

How much space do I need for my own workout equipment?

Most of our equipment comes with castors and a built-in folding mechanism. This makes our exercise bikes easy to move around and fold up when needed. If you are not sure whether our products have enough space in your home, why not try out our room planner and design your own fitness room?

Neighbour-friendly training?

Build muscle quickly and specifically without disturbing your neighbours. That's no problem. With our Bio Force Pro 5000 power station, you can train silently. The revolutionary TNT resistance technology (Total Nitrocell Technology) enables whisper-quiet movements. From the professional bench press, incline bench press, "flying" rowing, shoulder press, lat pull and abdominal training, you have over 100 different exercise possibilities at your disposal.

Order one of our power stations now and benefit from our extra warranty extension!

How do I set up a piece of exercise equipment?

Our fitness equipment is easy to assemble. A professional assembly service will also be happy to assemble the equipment for you. If you book the Monday service with your order, our team will deliver all the equipment, assemble it and check it for correct functioning at the same time. You can choose a suitable date for the assembly yourself.

We wish you a lot of fun with your training!