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4 Item(s)

Water rowing machines from HAMMER – effective whole-body training

Are you a fan of rowing on the water and don't want to give up your beloved training even in bad weather conditions? Then a water rowing machine from HAMMER is just the thing for you! In contrast to cable rowing machines with air resistance or magnetic braking systems, our models with water resistance provide an authentic training experience, just like being on the water.

A water rowing machine is characterised by a built-in water canister. Inside this is a paddle that creates the resistance. The faster you perform the rowing movement, the stronger the resistance in the canister. The strength of the resistance, as well as the sound of the water being set in motion, perfectly simulates rowing training on a body of water and guarantees a smooth, fluid rowing experience. No matter the season or the weather, thanks to a rowing machine with water resistance, you can now recreate a realistic rowing experience in your own home. Enjoy authentic movements and let the lapping and rushing of the water mentally transport you to your favourite routes in the nearest river or lake. Train from home without restrictions even in the cold winter months – at any time and as often as you like.

If you would like to buy a water rowing machine and find out about various models in advance, you are welcome to visit us in one of our HAMMER Fitness stores throughout Germany. Discover our selection and test a rowing machine with water in one of our branches. You will be impressed by the authenticity of a water rowing machine, and we can conveniently deliver your desired model directly to your home. We are happy to advise you and provide you with the expertise of our fitness experts in person on site or by phone.

What are the advantages of training with a water rowing machine?

A water rowing machine from HAMMER is the perfect all-rounder when it comes to effective whole-body training. This piece of fitness equipment allows you to train endurance and strength equally and thereby use around 90% of the entire musculature of your body. In addition, rowing is a workout that is particularly easy on the joints and is therefore also a healthy fitness training option for older people or those with pain. The joints are less stressed than with jogging and at the same time rowing training is more efficient than a workout with a cross trainer. If you prefer the natural motion of walking, the HAMMER cross trainers are also perfect for you. Here the entire body is also worked while the joints are protected.

A rowing workout trains all the essential major muscle groups in your body and promotes blood circulation for a strengthened cardiovascular system. You primarily use the strength from your leg and back muscles, but the following muscle groups also benefit from training with a water rowing machine:

  • Abdominal muscles
  • Arm and shoulder muscles
  • Glute muscles
  • Neck and trapezius muscles

A rowing machine with water promotes comprehensive health. You train important qualities such as concentration, coordination, balance, stability, endurance and strength. This way you not only work your muscles, but also your mind and spirit. The dynamism behind each rowing stroke drives fat burning and makes the pounds just fall off.

Moderate circuit training with a water rowing machine can also have a positive effect on people with diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes and cardiac arrhythmia. Doctors now confirm that the combination of endurance and weight training sustainably improves the performance of their patients. The circular movement pattern of rowing is ideal for prevention and rehabilitation. Stepless resistance adjustment and gentle tension have a health-promoting effect, while a steady pace prevents sudden peaks in exertion. Of course, before purchasing and using a water rowing machine, you should discuss this with your GP and determine the right level for such sporting activities.

How do I train with a water rowing machine?

Unlike a canoe or kayak, the seat in a rowing boat moves. This so-called rolling seat moves dynamically with the execution of the rowing strokes. This uses one of the strongest muscles in the leg: the quadriceps. Even when training indoors in a home studio, our training equipment ensures realistic movement sequences, just like on the water. We will explain the correct execution step by step and begin by describing the starting position:

  1. Bend your hip, knee, and ankle joints
  2. Lean your upper body forward so that it is almost resting on your thighs.
  3. Keep your lower legs in a vertical position
  4. Stretch your arms forward

Now the movement phase can begin. The pull-through starts by stretching the legs. While still pushing yourself backwards with the full force of your legs, move your shoulders and your entire upper body towards a supine position. Bend your arms as soon as they are at the level of your knees. Last but not least, adopt the following final position: In the supine position you still stretch out both legs, but without pushing the knees completely through. You then stabilise your upper body in a slight supine position and pull the handles up to your lower ribcage. Bring your elbows close to your body. This ends the pull-through phase and you extend your arms forward again to the level of your knees. From the supine position your body will follow this movement automatically and will have internalised it after a few strokes. Rolling forward with the seat begins as soon as your upper body is upright. To check that your posture and movement are correct, you can place a mirror to the side of your water rowing machine. Correct execution is essential and should be checked by an experienced trainer. This is the only way you can be sure not to injure yourself and not to suffer any damage to your health from rowing training. Our trained experts would also be happy to demonstrate the correct rowing technique to you during a visit to one of our HAMMER Fitness stores and give you comprehensive instructions on how to use your new water rowing machine. Once you've mastered the correct technique, there's nothing standing in the way of your home rowing training experience!

What is important when choosing a water rowing machine?

If you want to buy a water rowing machine, you are spoilt for choice in the HAMMER online shop. Our range offers cheaper models for beginners up to premium class equipment for experienced professionals and competitive athletes. In addition to financial considerations, you can base your choice of a suitable water rowing machine on your requirements and the following factors:

  • Size and practicality
  • Pedal spacing
  • Type of braking/resistance system
  • Load belt width

If you are looking for training ergonomics and a realistic feeling of rowing on the water, the distance between the footplates can be an important factor. Real professional rowers attach importance to a comparatively small distance between the pedals during their dry runs on land, in order to get an authentic rowing experience when preparing for the next season.

Furthermore, rowing machines are equipped with either a cable pull or a cantilever arm. Most units have the former. The resistance is connected to a band or chain with a handle. A rowing machine with a cantilever arm, on the other hand, has a hydraulic cylinder that continuously regulates adjustment of the resistance. Although this option offers the possibility of intensive training sessions due to very high resistance, the movement is usually not as fluid.

The cable pull alternatives have resistance and braking systems using magnets, air or water. So now the following questions arise: Should you get a rowing machine with water or a magnet? Or would you prefer one of the models that work with air? Now you need to decide which system is best for you and meets your needs, and whether a rowing machine with water is an essential advantage for you. Let's first look at the braking system with a magnet. Either an electric or normal magnet is built into the rowing machine. In the normal version, the distance between the flywheel and the magnet is decisive for the strength of the resistance. The magnetic brake system may be of interest to you if you live in a rented flat. Rowing machines with magnets do not make any noise during exercise – perfect for all sports enthusiasts with sensitive neighbours. If you choose a rowing machine with water or air, the following essentially applies: The faster the execution of the rowing stroke, the stronger the resistance. With an air resistance rowing machine, the air is sucked into a turbine during the stroke. The more air, the more resistance. In a water rowing machine, there is a paddle in the water canister that provides resistance. The training effect is the same as on a machine with air resistance, except that the water sounds give you the irreplaceable feeling of rowing on water. For all water lovers and professional rowers, this is almost a must to survive the cold season.

Die-hard rowers can take a personal look at the different rowing ergometers with water in one of our HAMMER Fitness stores. Our range also offers many rowing machines that impress with their easy assembly and are easy to stow away thanks to the practical folding mechanism. Our water rowing machines can also be rolled away and positioned in a vertical position in seconds, despite the water canister. This way you can train effectively from home without needing to take up valuable space for your water rowing machine. If looks are important to you, you might want to check out a water rowing machine made of wood. This timeless design looks great in every home and will make you even more excited to train with such a striking machine.

No matter which model you finally decide on – with a water rowing machine from HAMMER, you can expect enormous training progress as well as an efficient build-up of strength and endurance in the shortest possible time, all from the comfort of your own home!

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