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12 Item(s)

12 Item(s)

Rowing machine – for holistic fitness training

The perfect home sports equipment: A rowing machine is perfect for healthy and joint-friendly training for the whole body. Rowing is one of the healthiest sports and trains all the major muscle groups in the body. Endurance and strength are both improved. Rowing is suitable for people of any age. With our rowing machines, you can effectively train your strength and endurance. It is more joint-friendly than jogging and more efficient than a cross trainer.

Health aspects of rowing and the effects on the body

Rowing combines strength and cardio training in a unique way. With proper exercise, you benefit from an extremely healthy workout for the whole body. The movements are gentle and work the muscles in a complex way – perfect for the body. The correct technique is very important. If you row correctly, you will sustainably improve your fitness with a rowing machine.

Active rowers can see the demands of modern life met in their favourite sport: balance, coordination, calm, strength, endurance, team spirit and concentration. The simultaneous training of stamina and strength, the strengthening of the cardiovascular system and the above-average number of muscle groups that it works make rowing unique in terms of its health benefits. The dynamic movement works 80 percent of muscles. This means you burn a very high number of calories per hour on a rowing machine. With our choice of high-quality rowing machines, improving your fitness and basal metabolic rate is guaranteed – helping you shed the pounds.

The sliding seat works 70 percent of the leg muscles. Another key benefit for physical health is the strengthening of the torso muscles: a strong back and strong shoulders as well as strong arms and legs lead to increased well-being. You benefit from a better posture and performance.

The muscle groups trained are:

  • Back muscles
  • Glute muscles
  • Abdominal muscles
  • Leg muscles
  • Arm and shoulder muscles

Regular training on your rowing machine increases the performance of your entire musculoskeletal system. Our range offers suitable items for every demand. We can advise you on your choice, and together we will find the correct rowing machine for you – from low-priced entry-level devices (such as the Cobra XTR) to the professional rower from FINNLO by HAMMER (Aquon Pro Plus).

Rowing is not paddling – the movement sequence

In the past, rowing was considered a sport for the elite. The boat race on the Thames between the two English universities Cambridge and Oxford dates back to 1845. Since then, the sport has also become popular with recreational and health athletes. The difference to leisurely paddling: the rower sits on a movable seat, the sliding seat, and uses their strongest muscles to generate power, the quadriceps.

For indoor training, the rowing machine is an effective training tool for increasing strength and endurance. Rowing training requires a movement similar to that done in a rowing boat. We offer rowing machines for three-dimensional movements and machines with a cable. In the starting position, your hips, knees and ankles are bent. Your upper body should be almost on your thighs and the lower legs are vertical. Stretch your arms out in front of you.

Stretching the legs starts the next movement phase, the pull-through. During the continuous leg thrust, your shoulders and upper body should move forward towards the lay-back. When your hands reach your knees, begin to bend your arms. At the end of the lay-back, stretch out both legs, without straightening the knees completely. Stabilising the upper body is achieved through a slight supine position. Pull the handles up to the lower ribs and guide your elbows close to the body. The pull-through phase ends – stretch your arms forward again to the level of your knees. From the lay-back, your upper body smoothly follows this movement. Start to roll when the upper body is upright. Having a mirror to your side helps you check your posture. Ask an experienced coach to check your technique. If you train correctly, the rowing machine is the perfect training equipment.

The rowing ergometer in competitive sports

Athletes’ performance has been tested by coaches and sports doctors using rowing ergometers since the late 1970s. The step test, for example, is common: The coach sets the ergometer to a certain resistance, the athlete must then work for three minutes on the rowing machine, maintaining a set wattage. This is shown on the training computer. After three minutes, an assistant takes blood from the earlobe, the resistance is increased and the next three minutes work begins. This process continues until the athlete is exhausted. Lactate in the blood is then evaluated to give information about endurance capacity.

Lactate is still used as a diagnostic parameter. It should be noted that the assessment of the function of lactate is changing. In the past, the substance was considered a key factor in muscle fatigue; today lactic acid is considered to be an important metabolite. That means that lactate supports transport between cells, organs and tissues. Scientists are increasingly sceptical about the informative value of a single parameter for exploring potential for improvement. For competitive athletes and ambitious rowers, we offer the models FINNLO Aquon Evolution, Men's Health Powertools EVOLUTION PRO and FINNLO Aquon Pro Plus.

Rowing for prevention and rehabilitation – moderate whole body workout with the rowing machine

Doctors recommend moderate circulatory training for diabetes, cardiac arrhythmias and high blood pressure. For a long time, the recommendation was pure cardio sports. It is now recognised that moderate weight training clearly has positive effects and improves the performance of those affected. Consultation with your GP is recommended. Rowing on the rower, with a smooth movement, without sudden load peaks and an infinite adjustment of resistance, is one of the ideal sports for prevention and rehabilitation.

The HAMMER Cobra XTR is a great rowing machine for beginners looking to get into healthy training. Outside, rowers glide rhythmically through the water, elegantly and silently. As long as the water surface is not frozen, rowing perfectly combines recreational and health sport with enjoying the outdoors. For the cold season and regular training within your own four walls, a rowing machine is a practical solution. The various home trainers save space and are easy to assemble and disassemble.

The right model – rowing machines’ pedal distance, braking systems and load spectrums

Our selection ranges from affordable entry-level machines to premium devices for competitive athletes. The right item for you depends on various factors. Price is one factor: we have machines for less than 300 euros and up to 1,300 euros. The pedal distance determines how closely the movement resembles actual rowing as well as the training ergonomics. For professionals, we offer the best of the best with the FINNLO rowing machines. The FINNLO Rower Aquon Pro rower has a professional footplate distance of just nine centimetres. German professional rowers Maximilian Reinelt and Urs Käufer carry out their dry training on this rowing machine.

In addition to rowing machines for pros, our online shop also has items for ambitious recreational athletes and beginners. A chest strap receiver works well with a rowing machine. The continuous measurement of your heart rate supports you in achieving your desired training goals – whether that’s high-intensity interval training or moderate health training. Rowing machines use a high-quality magnetic braking system and/or air resistance for fluid rowing.

The HAMMER Rower Cobra rowing machine offers excellent value for money and realistically simulates actual rowing movements with the aid of the outrigger arms. Infinite resistance adjustment is achieved through a hydraulic cylinder. The alternative is a rowing system with belt drive. Our premium machines work with a combination of air and magnetic resistance. The integrated fan generates resistance and creates a realistic rowing experience. The flowing and dynamic movement complements the magnetic braking system. This is able to simulate rides against the current. The system enables movement against large resistances at low pulling speeds. Foldable rowing machines are recommended if you want to save space when it’s not in use.

Expert advice on the phone (043 - 544 21 69) and in Hammer Stores

We’ll help you with your choice. The right home rowing machine depends on your individual needs and wishes. Get in touch with our rowing machine experts over the phone and receive detailed advice from your expert team. Alternatively, the HAMMER Store is the perfect place to test a variety of ergometers in one place. Our competent specialists will introduce the different products and explain their features. Come in your workout gear and you can test the ergometers there and then.

Rowing machine recommendations in the lower price segment:

The Cobra rowing machine is an excellent entry-level rowing machine for holistic fitness training. If you’ve ever rowed on the water, you’ll feel at home with the three-dimensional movement of the outrigger arms. A practical alternative is the foldable Cobra XTR rowing machine with cable pulley system. The fixed cable pull movement make this a great entry-level model for beginners.

Rowing machine recommendations in the middle price segment

The high-quality classic for healthy exercise is the FINNLO Aquon Evolution rowing machine. Automatic resistance adjustment and the combination of air resistance and magnetic braking impress advanced rowers. The rowing machine can be easily assembled and disassembled with the integrated transportation rollers and folding mechanism.

Rowing machine recommendations in the upper price segment

The FINNLO Aquon Pro and FINNLO Aquon Pro Plus rowing machines perfectly simulate the rowing action. Professional athletes use this machine for their dry training. The high-quality workmanship combined with comprehensive features make this rowing machine one of the premium models on the market.

Look forward to a drastic increase in your fitness by training with your rowing machine! Regular training tones the muscles, improves the posture and prevent conditions of the musculoskeletal system. If you want even more, combine it with a cross trainer and a treadmill too. Ultimately, alternating exercises produces the best results on your fitness. Get in touch for comprehensive advice. Find the right model for your needs now!