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What is a home trainer?

A home trainer, also known as an exercise bike, is a typical ‘indoor bike’. It is one of the most popular pieces of fitness equipment and, like the cross trainer and stepper, belongs to the classics of cardio training. A home trainer is perfect for typical cardio training on the bike under your own roof. The ease of use and simple movement make a fitness bike the perfect entry-level device. Regular use of the home trainer improves stamina and strengthens the leg muscles. A home trainer with adjustable wattage is called an ergometer.

Why get a home trainer?

The classic home trainer is perfect for achieving various training goals: losing weight, cardiovascular training or building basic stamina or fitness. Likewise, the home trainer can be used as a warm-up machine before other sport and fitness exercises. You burn calories and increase both your fitness and your well-being – at any time and in any weather.

The home trainer is a fitness machine with the most important basic functions for a challenging workout. Actual bike training is the focus. A simple and intuitive operation of the computer means that you can often start training with the fitness bike straight away.

Who is a home trainer suitable for?

Beginners will adapt to the home trainer very quickly. Detailed instructions aren’t needed to use a home trainer. Resistance can always be adjusted gradually on the home trainer. So a suitable level of difficulty can easily be found for each level of training.

Even advanced users who are keen to get started right away will appreciate the advantages of a home trainer. Hardly any settings are needed to start training on the exercise bike. Just inputting the time or distance is usually enough. Resistance can be increased or decreased during training.

What does training with the home trainer do?

Keeping fit for health and fitness reasons is increasingly becoming a way of life for many people and an indispensable part of their day. The best thing about regular training on home trainers is that the positive effects are noticeable very quickly.

That’s why it’s important to train regularly and consistently. Even a training session of 30 minutes per week on the home trainer can lead to a significant increase in stamina for beginners. However, we recommend cardio training for 30 minutes at least twice a week.

Training on the home trainer is above all cardio training. Regular cardio training has many effects on the body. In particular, it strengthens the heart muscle. You feel fitter and everyday tasks seem easier. Whether that’s going shopping or climbing the stairs in the office. You will notice that you don’t get out of breath so quickly thanks to your increased fitness.

In addition to cardiovascular training, working out on the home trainer also strengthens the leg muscles. The thigh, buttock and calf muscles in particular are strengthened while cycling. In addition, the body-stabilising torso muscles in the abdomen and back (which also absorb shocks) as well as the shoulder and arm muscles, which support the body on the handlebars of the home trainer, are strengthened.

Muscles which are worked regularly not only looks firmer on the outside, but also protects and supports the skeletal system. Incidentally, cycling is one of the most joint-friendly training types you can find. 70 to 80 percent of the body weight is taken by the seat. As a result, the knee joints are less stressed when cycling than jogging.

What should you look for when buying a home trainer?

First, you need to be clear about training aims and wishes. What functions are important to you? How often and how intensively do you want to train on the home trainer? Once these basic questions have been answered, there are some features that are particularly important when purchasing a home trainer.

  • Flywheel mass
  • Braking system
  • Training computer
  • Adjustment options

Flywheel mass

The flywheel mass is decisive for the quality of movement and the smooth running of a home trainer. However, the flywheel mass alone is not the deciding factor for proper running characteristics during training. The home trainer should also be fitted with ball bearings.

Braking system

The braking system is responsible for the training resistance. It slows down the flywheel. Our HAMMER label home trainers all have a magnetic braking system. These are especially quiet. Magnetic braking systems can be classified into manual and motor-controlled magnetic brakes.

The manual braking system, as the name suggests, is controlled by hand. A knob can be used to set the resistance to different levels. The motor-controlled magnetic brake can be adjusted with the training computer. As the computer regulates the magnetic braking system, pre-set programs such as interval training can also be executed.

Training computer

The training computer of a home trainer should be easy to operate and self-explanatory. Generally, the display shows the most important values. For optimum training control, the following values are significant:

  • Time
  • Speed
  • Distance
  • Heart rate
  • Calories
  • Some home trainers, like the HAMMER Cardio XT6 BT ergometer, feature pre-set programs, including heart rate programs. In heart rate-controlled training, you can set your own upper heart rate limit that you do not want to exceed. The heart rate is measured by the home trainer with an integrated hand pulse sensor.

    When buying home trainers, pay attention to the adjustment options. The seat height should be able to adapt to your height. Ideally, the incline of the home trainer seat can also be adjusted.

    It is also beneficial to place an underlay mat beneath your home trainer. The protective floor mat protects your floor and also reduces noise. Wood effect protective floor mats match your floor so they don’t disturb the ambience.

    Test home trainers yourself

    Convince yourself of the quality of our HAMMER home trainers. You are always welcome to pop into our HAMMER STORES across Germany and in Switzerland. Test all our products, from home trainers to cross trainers, steppers and other fitness equipment, and let our experts advise you. In our pleasant atmosphere, our teams of specialists will give you all the time you need.

    HAMMER expert advice (043 - 544 21 69)

    Our service team is made up of state-approved fitness trainers and experienced product consultants. At HAMMER, we love and live fitness. We know what we’re talking about. Fitness, training and nutrition – we know what we are doing and are happy to take the time to help you. Of course this also still applies after you have bought your home trainer. We look forward to your call (043 - 544 21 69). Come one step closer to your fitness goals starting today – your body will thank you and repay you with a higher quality of life.