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The elliptical trainer

Elliptical trainers have become one of the most popular pieces of cardio equipment in gyms. They are also becoming more common in the private sphere, as the elliptical trainer’s effective, joint-friendly training can finally be experienced at home. In contrast to classic cross trainers, the movement on an elliptical trainer is flat and long in a similar manner to jogging/running. The cross trainer primarily uses and up/down movement, similar to the classic stepper. The modern elliptical trainers from HAMMER offer sophisticated training technology that simultaneously uses several large muscle groups at the same time – maximising calorie consumption and training success. So how does an elliptical trainer work? And what is the difference to a cross trainer? We have summarised the most important information about elliptical trainers for you so you can find the right model for your home and benefit from more intense cardio training.

The difference between elliptical trainers and cross trainers

The terms ‘elliptical trainer’ and ‘cross trainer’ are increasingly used interchangeably – but these machines are fundamentally different and also have distinguishing features in terms of the effect they have:

Position of the flywheel

The most noticeable difference between the two cardio machines is the position of the flywheel. On elliptical trainers, the flywheel is at the front, which is why they are sometimes called ‘front-driven cardio machines’. In contrast, on a cross trainer the flywheel is at the back.


Elliptical trainers move in a flatter, more expansive way – very similar to cross-country skiing with its large and low swing circles. The cardio training is particularly gentle on the joints and protects the spine against strong impact forces. By contrast, the sequence of movements on a cross trainer is characterised by a stronger up and down movement. The movement is nevertheless elliptical and protects the joints well. This makes a cross trainer workout closer to jogging or stepping but is usually considered more tiring.

Intermediate hinge

Elliptical trainers also have an additional hinge in the pedal mechanism. This additional hinge is designed to reduce the forces that occur and contributes to a smoother movement.

Training effects on the elliptical trainer

The elliptical trainer is a cardio machine and so is used primarily for cardio training, fat burning and body shaping. By moving the arms alternately, the large muscle groups of the torso (abdomen, chest, back) as well as the shoulder girdle and arms are worked. This results in a higher calorie consumption than when training on a bicycle ergometer or a treadmill because a larger muscle mass must be supplied with energy and oxygen. This results in a more intense effect on fat and weight reduction, as long as you do not overexert yourself during workout and keep your metabolism in the aerobic area (see also cardio training). The elliptical trainer is ideal for getting rid of extra pounds and getting your body into shape.

The high stress on your muscles strengthens your entire body. Your tissues are tightened and the area around the thighs and buttocks is shaped.

But it doesn’t just improve your appearance – your health and well-being are also improved by a gentle workout on a HAMMER elliptical trainer. Your entire cardiovascular system becomes more efficient and works more economically. You also lower high blood values and release happiness hormones for a better mood in your everyday life.

Comfortable workout with HAMMER premium quality

From the pedals to the training computer: HAMMER uses the highest quality materials and the latest technology in its elliptical trainer models. For example, the permanent magnet and induction braking systems allow very precise intensity adjustment. This means you can train at low and high intensities and gradually increase your fitness with the finely adjustable resistance. This allows beginners as well as advanced users to make their cardio training with the elliptical trainer more effective and goal-oriented.

The FINNLO Spirit E-Glide elliptical trainer impresses with an extremely small footplate distance of just 10 cm and a maximum step length of 51 cm. In addition, precision ball bearings and a maintenance-free drive system provide a gym-level workout experience. This elliptical trainer combines the classic movement of the cross trainer with the professional drive of an indoor cycle. It also features a double-transmission system, that allows the disc rotation to be doubled and very high number of revolutions to be achieved even with low resistance. Power workout guaranteed!

The FINNLO MAXIMUM elliptical trainer is the perfect version for hotels or upscale home use. 12 cm footplate distance and a maximum step length of 51 cm make training feel professional and comfortable and ensure a natural, harmonious movement.