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19 Item(s)

The perfect full-body workout with the cross trainer

In recent years, the cross trainer has become one of the most popular pieces of cardio equipment. In professional gyms, cross trainers are the most used fitness equipment. But cross trainers are also perfect for training your whole body in your own four walls.

What is a cross trainer?

A cross trainer is a fitness machine that perfectly mimics the movement of active walking or jogging while simultaneously training your legs, hips, arms, shoulders and chest in a single movement. A complete whole body workout including healthy cardio training is guaranteed. With a cross trainer you get your cardiovascular system going and consume up to 600 calories per hour, depending on the resistance adjustment. This guarantees fast fat burning and is the perfect way to increase your fitness and quickly and healthily lose weight.

How does a cross trainer work?

A typical cross trainer has a flywheel behind the user. With an elliptical trainer, the flywheel is attached to the front of the machine, which means that the stepping motion (step length) is flatter and longer, highlighting the elliptical motion of the steps. However, the basic movement is the same, so the good and fast training effects are the same for an elliptical trainer as for a cross trainer.

Who is a cross trainer suitable for?

A cross trainer is suitable for all age groups, with the advantage that the movement is very gentle on the joints. The handles and footplates guide the movement to ensure minimal impacts on your joints compared to jogging. This is why physiotherapists and doctors recommend the cross trainer for people who need to protect their joints.

For maximum joint protection during training, the HAMMER, FINNLO by HAMMER and FINNLO MAXIMUM by HAMMER cross trainers keep the movements as flat as possible with an ergonomically well thought-out ratio of pedal arm length and flywheel diameter.

Training correctly on the cross trainer

Cross trainer workouts (movement sequence) are particularly dynamic, very fun and follow the natural movement of walking or jogging. You can hold on to the fixed handles, or the movable handles to train your upper body at the same time. A smooth, rounded movement is created when the reversal point can be overcome as easily as possible. This is especially the case with premium cross trainers, such as the FINNLO by HAMMER Loxon cross trainer series. The high flywheel mass of 20 kg means the reversal point is easily overcome.

Start your cardio training at a low intensity to get your body used to the workload. This warm-up should last approx. 5 minutes. Then increase the intensity. If you have a target heart rate to reach, increase the load until you reach the heart rate limit. Beginners should start with 20- to 30-minute workouts two or three times a week. Gradually, the training frequency, duration and, finally, the intensity of the cross trainer workout can be increased.

Working out on a cross trainer is versatile. High-quality cross trainers have different training programs for every need. You can choose between mountain/valley profiles and individual heart rate programs. Hand pulse sensors on the handles allow you to easily measure the heart rate during cardio training.

Which cross trainer is right for me?

In our online shop, you will find cross trainers at various price points from our labels HAMMER, FINNLO by HAMMER and FINNLO MAXIMUM by HAMMER. To find the right cross trainer for you, you need to ask yourself the following questions before you buy:

  • Am I beginner or do I already have training experience?
  • How many times a week do I want to train?
  • Have I been advised by a doctor on how hard I can work during cardio training?
  • What is the maximum height and weight the machine should be suitable for?
  • How much do I want to spend on the equipment?

Entry-level cross trainers: Our recommendations up to CHF 549.-:

Are you a beginner and want to keep fit? Then the HAMMER Crosstech XTR cross trainer could be an interesting and affordable cross trainer variant for you. It automatically adjusts the resistance if you exceed your set target heart rate. Perfect for carefree and health-oriented fitness workouts.

The HAMMER Crosslife XTR cross trainer / ergometer impresses with its compact elegance and technical details such as a training computer with large computer display, comfort handles, integrated transportation rollers and much more. Like all HAMMER cross trainers, it utilises a magnetic braking system, which ensures even resistance and quiet training.

HAMMER Crosstech XTR cross trainer

Do you want to keep fit and buy an affordable cross trainer? The HAMMER Ellyptech CT5 cross trainer could be the right machine for you. The Ellyptech CT5 cross trainer by HAMMER is the entry-level model of the HAMMER cross trainer series and is ideally suited for at-home cardio training. The heart of the cross trainer is an easy-to-use training computer that does not distract you from your workout. All important training data such as speed, distance, time, calories and heart rate are displayed on the LCD display.

For higher fitness goals: Our cross trainer recommendations up to CHF 999.-:

Would you like to set your fitness goals even higher and train ambitiously? Then you should buy a cross trainer that makes this training easier: We recommend the FINNLO Loxon XTR cross trainer, the ‘sports car’ of the successful Loxon series. Watt-controlled fitness training from 25–400 watts, blue hi-tech computer display, 20 kg flywheel mass and top quality eddy current brake technology characterise this top cross trainer from our FINNLO by HAMMER label.

As a class HA cross trainer/ergometer with precise, speed-independent power output control, the FINNLO Loxon XTR cross trainer is perfect for health-oriented cross training. Again, the steps are adjustable to fit any size or step length.

FINNLO Loxon XTR cross trainer

For fitness professionals: Our cross trainer recommendations up to CHF 2 449.-:

Semi-professional equipment for upscale fitness needs – Your hi-tech gym in your own home. The best of our cross trainer range with state-of-the-art braking technology and high-quality computer equipment is also perfect for use in hotels and clubs.

The unique FINNLO MAXIMUM Spirit E-Glide is one of our most popular machines. Together with the professional indoor cycle drive, the speed transmission system doubles the disc rotation for high intensity training with low resistance and up to 25% higher calorie consumption. Do you fancy high step frequencies and intensive interval training? FINNLO MAXIMUM Spirit enables you to train at the highest level and is one of the top products in our cross trainer range.

Are you looking for a particularly stable and professional version? Then the FINNLO MAXIMUM cross trainer / elliptical trainer with sophisticated studio quality is just right for you. Smooth movements, varied mountain and valley profiles and ball-bearing pedal arms characterise this elliptical trainer.


What should I look out for when buying a cross trainer?

When buying a cross trainer or cross trainer/ergometer, the following applies:
If you rely on calibrated watt values and want to carry out a health-oriented cardiovascular workout, we recommend a cross trainer/ergometer. Often a doctor may recommend training at a certain wattage level and/or a target heart rate. These exact watt values can only be set on a cross trainer/ergometer according to DIN EN 957-1/9. These cross trainers/ergometers have a calibrated eddy current brake and allow precise power output measurement. Magnetic braking systems, however, cannot be set as precisely as eddy current or induction brakes.

Other important considerations when purchasing a cross trainer:

Flywheel mass

A flywheel mass is responsible for smooth running. The higher the flywheel mass, the smoother it is. The flywheel mass ensures that the reversal point can be overcome with as little force as possible. You experience a particularly smooth run with a flywheel mass of at least 16 kg. All machines with a flywheel mass over 16 kg provide a unique feeling of dynamic movement and training that is particularly easy on the joints. The FINNLO Loxon Stressless received ‘good’ ratings by Stiftung Warentest, confirming its particularly high quality.

Step length

The length of an elliptical motion on a cross trainer is also called the step length. The longer the step is in the right proportion to the step height, the more joint-friendly the movement is. Taller people need a longer step length. If several people of different heights use a machine, you should fit it to the tallest person.

Self-aligning ball bearings

A self-aligning ball bearing ensures smooth running and a smooth rotation. More affordable cross trainers are equipped with simple metal or plastic bushings on the rotary axes. These bushings serve their purpose, but the quality is noticeable in the smooth running and movement. Test cross trainers like the FINNLO Loxon XTR with self-aligning ball bearings and you will feel the difference.

Footplate distance

Footplate distance is the distance between the footplates you stand on. A small footplate distance is an important factor for good ergonomics when cross training. The FINNLO Loxon series has a very small footplate distance. The distance between the footplates is only 16 cm. This allows healthy and joint-friendly cardio workout, as the feet stand on the footplates at hip width apart. Cross trainers by HAMMER or FINNLO by HAMMER generally have smaller footplate distances than most conventional cross trainers on the market.

Magnetic braking system

All HAMMER cross trainers use a magnetic braking system. This brakes the flywheel with a permanent magnet. You can control the resistance by setting the watt values on the training computer.

Test cross trainers in a Hammer Store

What is special about a cross trainer and what advantages and disadvantages do they have? Find out by visiting one of our HAMMER Stores. Test our products in the store, experience our brand world and benefit from our special models and store promotions.

The cross trainer expert hotline:

Unsure which cross trainer is best for you? Want to know what a ribbed belt drive is? What does footplate distance mean and do you need a tablet holder or a USB port on your cross trainer? Just ask our experts. Our expert team will be pleased to advise you in detail on our service line. Our fitness trainers are experts in all matters relating to fitness, training and nutrition.

Call us: HAMMER expert hotline: 043 - 544 21 69 (daily 9 am – 8 pm). We’ll also be happy to call you back!

We will take the time you need! Your long-term satisfaction with your fitness equipment is top priority for HAMMER SPORT. We look forward to your call and finding the best cross trainer for you. Go for it and let your fitness goals finally become reality.

In addition to a cross trainer, would you also like to buy other fitness products from HAMMER Sport such as a home trainer, or an ergometer, a treadmill, a stepper or a multi-gym? Then you are welcome to use our online product recommendations, so you can find the right fitness equipment for you.